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Hunter-gatherer conference: day 1

  Today was the first day of the international Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies (CHaGS).   The 10th meeting of its kind since 1966, it’s brought together approximately 200 delegates — scholars from all four continents, and from the … Continue reading

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Four ways to change the world, from university

Last week a conference at University College London made me reconsider what universities are, and what they might be. These thoughts seem so vital right now that I’m interrupting the narrative of my trip to Congo to share them. The … Continue reading

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Into the forest

ON THE ROAD out of Pokola, I feel excited. It’s been two weeks since we got to Congo, and now at last we’re entering the forest. At one point not far out of town, trees form a green tunnel, bending … Continue reading

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Arriving in Congo

FROM THE RIVERSIDE, you can see both of the Congos at once. Across the Pool Malebo, the widest point on the river, Brazzaville and Kinshasa — the capitals of the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo (the … Continue reading

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Fieldwork in Congo

Last week I got back from two months in the Congo. The trip was in aid of the Hunter-Gatherer Resilience project at University College London, which I’m working on as a post-doc. Under the guidance of Andrea Migliano (the PI) … Continue reading

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