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The roots of egalitarianism

Are we natural democrats? Or will tyrants always be with us?   IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, a handful of anthropologists, living with hunter-gatherers, described the workings of societies without leaders, where food seemed to be equally available to all. [1] … Continue reading

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Hunter-gatherer conference: day 1

  Today was the first day of the international Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies (CHaGS).   The 10th meeting of its kind since 1966, it’s brought together approximately 200 delegates — scholars from all four continents, and from the … Continue reading

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Fieldwork in Congo

Last week I got back from two months in the Congo. The trip was in aid of the Hunter-Gatherer Resilience project at University College London, which I’m working on as a post-doc. Under the guidance of Andrea Migliano (the PI) … Continue reading

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