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A day in the life, in the Congo rainforest

A further installment from last summer’s research trip to the Congo   Within an hour of sunrise, I was woken by the heat. Outside my tent, Jerome sat on a makeshift bench, with his laptop open in front of him. … Continue reading

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Into the forest

ON THE ROAD out of Pokola, I feel excited. It’s been two weeks since we got to Congo, and now at last we’re entering the forest. At one point not far out of town, trees form a green tunnel, bending … Continue reading

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Arriving in Congo

FROM THE RIVERSIDE, you can see both of the Congos at once. Across the Pool Malebo, the widest point on the river, Brazzaville and Kinshasa — the capitals of the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo (the … Continue reading

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Fieldwork in Congo

Last week I got back from two months in the Congo. The trip was in aid of the Hunter-Gatherer Resilience project at University College London, which I’m working on as a post-doc. Under the guidance of Andrea Migliano (the PI) … Continue reading

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